+ Handmade

+ Vintage

+ Dyed with natural dyes

+ Handwoven in Bolivia

+ Approx. 41" x 36"

+ Dry clean or hand wash only



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  • One of a kind hand picked Bolivian Frazada

    This Puyo also known as Frazada which is made from sheep's wool, and it is dyed with natural organic vibrant colors.
    Puyo fabrics are originally found in the Andean region of South America, in countries like Bolivia and Peru.

    These pieces can be used in the modern home as rugs, or upholstery throw blankets, bed runners and more. 


    Each fabric design is unique.

    Keep in mind that due to its vintage and handmade nature, minor imperfections are to be expected, which we believe only add to it’s uniqueness and beauty! 


    We hope you appreciate the uniqueness of our products.